Kristen Wilde

Software Developer


Skills include:

Sample work:


MERN stack


This music teaching aid guides users through setting goals, selecting a goal, completing a practice session, and viewing results. A collaboration with Kingsley Victor (node API server) and Miguel Rivera.

Subtraction App

Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, HTML, SCSS


A game-like educational web app designed entirely by me. Tracks each user's progress toward mastering basic arithmetic, as well as time spent and problems practiced per day.

Contact Manager

JavaScript, jQuery, Handlebars, HTML, SCSS


Allows user to input, edit, and delete contacts. Filter by tag or search by name.

Todo App 1

JavaScript, jQuery, Handlebars, HTML, CSS


Allows user to manage items, and displays lists automatically sorted by due date and completion. Pixel-perfect responsive HTML/CSS from Photoshop files.

Todo App 2

Sinatra, SQL


Another todo app. CRUD actions for items and lists.

Sample App

Ruby on Rails, TDD with Minitest


If I finish this tutorial project, the world will have another Twitter clone. As is, you can sign up and view four pages of seed users. Developed with a full suite of tests.




Guess the word before all the apples fall from the tree. Not for mobile.

Book Viewer

Ruby, Sinatra


Reads content from text files, performs searches using query parameters.

Command line apps

Ruby, Rubocop, SQL


Challenge your computer to a game. Or save some recipes to your own psql database.

About Me:

How did I learn to code?

I'm a self-taught developer and alumna of, an online school for web developing. At Launch School, I put in 1500+ hours over 18 months and completed hundreds of exercises with Ruby, JavaScript, and SQL. I aced all 11 assessments, demonstrating a solid understanding of concepts such as variable scopes, closures, inheritance, regular expressions, and this.

Why programming?

I have always enjoyed the challenge of building things from scratch - where "scratch" is anything from cloth or wood to musical sounds or lines of code. My first exposure to web developing was an elective course that I took while working on my BA in music. After many years of playing with geocities and WordPress, I eventually decided to seek a full-time career in this field.

What makes me unique?

I'm a good listener and an open-minded thinker. I'm quiet by nature and good at tactful communication (thanks to my 10+ years of teaching violin). I'm passionate about quality and I'd be an asset to any team.

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